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Will And Power of Attorney

Wills and Powers of Attorney 

  • What happens if you or a loved one is incapacitated by ill health or an accident?
  • What happens if you or a loved one has to go into long term care?
  • What happens when you or a loved one dies?
  • What happens if your or a loved one's estate attracts Inheritance Tax?

We know these are not cheery questions but accidents, illness and death can have devastating consequences when you least expect them if you don't prepare. Just as we, at Conveyancing Direct, have cut the cost of buying or selling a house - we are now delighted to introduce an inexpensive service so you can plan for the day or days you'd rather not think about. It's called The Right Side of Heaven.


All our advice is free and you only pay for the preparation of documents you want and we prepare them for you from our menu. Our service also includes a free annual document review so that if there have been any changes in your or your loved ones circumstances we can give you ongoing advice.

Willl Preparation £120 or £180 if you are a couple
Welfare & Continuing Power of Attorney £120 or £180 if you are a couple
Evacuation of Survivor Destination £120
Preparation of Family Trust £150
Family Deed of Variation £150
Agreement to mitigate longterm care costs £150

These fees are exclusive of VAT and government search and registration charges.


For a no obligation chat call Martine Bisiaux on 0141 420 5045 or email: We are happy to work with your financial advisors or if you prefer, we can put you in touch with financial advisors who will strive to maximise your assets for you.


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