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SITE TERMS While the information provided by us is given in good faith and reflects our experience of straightforward transactions it does not form part of any contract as the precise details of transactions and requirements of clients do vary. Charges imposed by government and other suppliers may also change and are outwith our control.
By using the Quotation from you consent to receive 1 email confirming the details of the quote and allowing for any further details to be discussed and confirmed before any further actions can be undertaken.
SECURITY We regularly audit our systems for security issues and keep patches up-to-date along with industry best-practices. Our main Case Management system is not directly accessable to the Internet, the 3rd party developers can access securely if/when required, no other parties out-with Conveyancing Direct staff have any access to customer data stored within the system. During the Conveyancing process certain data is required by 3rd parties including banks and Estate Agents to complete transactions, we only supply the required information as per Law Society Scotland guidlines and best-practices. Our website Quote and Contact form send email via to ensure our public and private systems stay separate.
PRIVACY We will be in full compliance with the GDPR regulations by May 2018. Certain personal information has to be kept by us for a period of 10 years. You have the option to opt-out of any email communications after your transactions complete and also to remove your data from our IT systems. We don't give your data to any 3rd parties out-with the Conveyancing legal requirements. All our suppliers have been audited and will also be fully compliant with GDPR by May 2018. We keep your private information as private as possible. To gather site statistics we currently use Google Analytics, no personal info is captured, stored or available, we only count pageviews. Embded videos for eg Facebook will use a cookie or 2 to display correctly, these are session based and not stored or personally identifyable.

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